Meet the women founders changing up the beauty world

Meet the women founders changing up the beauty world

At Credo, it is a tradition to celebrate our female founders in March. We’re proud to say that 90% of the brands we carry are founded or run by women. From honoring their cultures to creating industry firsts, these are the women paving the way for cleaner, safer, and overall better beauty. We’ve highlighted a few of them here and asked them two simple questions: what they’re most proud of and their favorite product.

Babba Rivera
Founder of Ceremonia 

“I’m immensely proud and grateful for the journey I’ve been able to carve out for myself and my family—from fundraising while pregnant, to launching my company while having just given birth—still with my baby at the NICU, to today as I'm expecting my second baby while experiencing tremendous growth with the business. As a female entrepreneur, I find a lot of purpose in dismantling my own limiting beliefs and rewriting the script for what’s possible.”

Favorite product: Aceite de Moska

“This miracle oil helped me through the many hair & scalp struggles of pregnancy and postpartum hair loss.”


Tata Harper
Founder of Tata Harper Skincare


“...We are so proud to be innovators and pioneers in this industry and to pave the way to do things differently... Whether it’s our ingredients or our packaging, we work with vendors that are committed to fair trade, protecting workers, supporting local communities, sustainability, and environmentally responsible practices. It makes me so proud that we can give clients that peace of mind while delivering incredible results.”

Desert island product: Elixir Vitae Serum

“It provides a visible filling effect with natural redensifiers and targets severe signs of aging to restore the look of plump, youthful-looking skin.” 



Michelle Pfeiffer
Founder of Henry Rose

“I started the journey to create Henry Rose with a very clear vision, which was to create a fine fragrance that met three equally important criteria: disclosed 100% of its ingredients, met the strict health and safety standards of the Environmental Working Group, and could compete in the mainstream marketplace. What I didn't realize at the time was how difficult this would be... Over the course of a decade, I was constantly met with "no." Instead of giving up, I used each "no" to fuel my motivation. I was determined to prove that it was possible, and I'm incredibly proud of the new precedent Henry Rose has set for safety, transparency, and quality in fragrance.” 

Desert island product: Torn Eau de Parfum

"Torn was the first fragrance we developed for Henry Rose, and I was immediately struck by how much it reminded me of what my father smelled like when I was growing up. As I began to learn more about the strong connection between scent and memory, we continued to formulate through this lens, using nostalgia as a foundation for future scent memories. While Torn is still a favorite, I love each and every fragrance in our line, and layering different scents together to create fresh, unexpected combinations."


Deepica Mutyala
Founder of Live Tinted

“What I’m most proud of: Building a diverse team of predominantly women. They are incredible!”


Sasha Plavsic
Founder of ILIA

 “As a woman entrepreneur I am most proud of trusting my instincts. Many times I presented products and was told they wouldn’t work. It was important to push past the noise to set new trends in the industry.”

Desert island product: Limitless Lash Mascara

"That’s a tough question as we have something new launching this summer that is my new favorite. But today, I am most in love with our Limitless Lash Mascara, because whether I use a complexion product or not, a woman always needs lashes!” 


Connie Lo
Founder of Three Ships

“What I’m most proud of: Becoming the woman founder that a younger version of me had always aspired to be, but never imagined would be possible. Not only does this make me really proud, but it also brings me so much joy to set an example for future generations to come.”

Desert island product: Dew Drops Mushroom Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum

“I can't go a day without it! 1-2 drops is all you need, and it gives you the glowiest, most hydrated and plump skin (even my fiancé called my skin "dewy" the other day - which as a skincare fanatic, is one of the best compliments you can receive!).”


Shari Siadat
Founder of TooD

“Being able to have a mission-led brand in the beauty industry and not compromising is what I am most proud of. From ideation to creation, and then ultimately holding the physical product in my hand and seeing the impact it has made in the world, especially with people's mental health and sense of belonging with products that are colorful, clean, and high performing. TooD showed me that we can ask a lot from our products and ourselves.

Desert island product: Freestyle Color Cream

“I'm currently fangirling over our Freestyle Color Cream in Push/Pull as an eyeliner, but depending on my mood I’ll grab any of our 10 colors – Known/Unknown for when I’m feeling minimalist, Sweet/Sour for when I’m looking for one color to use on my cheeks, lips, eyes, brows, etc.”


Lesley Thornton
Founder of Klur

“The single thing I'm most proud of till this day and always will be; despite all the challenges is that I never ever gave up on my dreams.”

Desert island product: Elements of Comfort

"My favorite product at the moment is Elements of Comfort because my skin gets so dry in winter and it instantly revitalizes and nourishes. Also, it smells like a botanical garden in spring!


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