Introducing SOSHE Beauty

Introducing SOSHE Beauty

To celebrate the launch of SOSHE Beauty at our stores, we sat down with its brand founders to get to know them and their beautiful collection.  


When Sahar Rohani met Aidan Maddox and Junyi Wu at university, no one could have guessed this would set the stage for a wave of clean beauty innovations in both formulas and packaging. Not only is their like-minded philosophy based on care and curiosity, but they are alums of the 2022 Credo for Change Annual Accelerator Program. 

What is the origin of the name SOSHE? 

Sahar: The name SOSHE originated from Junyi, Aidan, and me as we tried to capture the essence of a woman who embodies our brand. We reflected on our mothers, friends, mentors, and described the qualities we admired in them. "So she is confident," "So she shouldn't have to compromise," "So she is enough.” “So she.” 

What sets your brand apart from others in the space? 

Junyi: SOSHE was born out of frustration from a lack of knowledge about when we should replace our favorite makeup products. Our goal is to start a conversation about health and hygiene and how they relate to our makeup products. We’re creating the backbone of your makeup collection - essentials that you wear on repeat and refill on repeat - so that you can get the most out of all your products while cutting down on waste per refill. 

What is your first makeup experience? 

Sahar: I have a vivid memory of when I wore eyeliner to school, and the girls laughed at how thickly I had applied it. Over the next few years, I learned that my Persian features required a different approach to makeup. Instead of trying to overpower them, I discovered that makeup could be used to enhance and highlight my already prominent features. Looking back, I wish I had our 1.5MM Waterproof Precision Liner when I was 12 years old.  

Why is it important for your brand to be clean? 

Aidan: It all comes down to transparency. If we can develop formulas that do not contain known carcinogens, potential endocrine disruptors, or irritants/allergens, while still achieving the same, if not better, formula performance, payoff, and wear time, why wouldn't we do it? 

Sahar: If we can develop packaging that reduces waste and energy usage, can be refilled, and is fully recyclable, again, why wouldn't we do it? It's an obvious choice for us and for the generation we belong to. 

Why was it important to have refillables? 

Sahar: You know, the first-ever lipstick was designed to be refillable. First, it's all about hygiene. When we refill our products, we can make sure they stay clean and free from any irritation or potential harmful bacteria. Your products also perform better when they’re fresh. 

Junyi: And let's not forget about the environment. Refillable packaging means less waste going into landfills. We can cut down on all that plastic and other materials by reusing the same containers. It's a win-win for our beauty routine and the planet. 

Aidan: It's also about being mindful consumers. When we refill our favorite products, it makes us think twice about what we're using and how much we really need. It's a way to appreciate what we already have and avoid falling into the trap of constant buying. 

When did you know you had the right formula? 

Sahar: When I am angrily going through my makeup bag trying to find the lab sample. We develop so many products a year and we’re also shown so much incredible innovation from some of the best cosmetic chemists in the world. But there’s a certain SOSHE criteria we stand by: easy to use, multi-use, something you’ll want to wear every single day. 

What inspires your shade range? 

Sahar: Whatever was in the water in the 90s. All the undertones, the rich berry and chocolate shades, browns with red undertones, deep blues, smoky greys. All these shades are so wearable, but they elevate any look. We love developing products that create monochromatic looks, they require fewer products to bring out your best features. You just need a couple of products that work with your eyes, hair, and complexion. 

Why did you choose a silky finish for your Lip Silk? 

Sahar: At that time, I had so many different lip products in my purse. They were literally weighing me down. We wanted to create a hybrid formula that encompassed the best parts of all your different lip products. 

Lip Silk has the buildable color payoff of your favorite lipstick. We co-developed all shades with celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon who is a genius when it comes to colors that complement our natural tones while still adding that fun makeup effect. 

You’re running out the house in a mad dash – which one product do you grab? 

Sahar: It must be our Soft Glide Lip Liner in shade Moka. I love lightly filling in my lips with this 90s-model-off-duty brown. If I can’t make it back home in time, I love the fact that I can use it as an eyeliner to bring my makeup from day to night. 

Aidan: Peptide Glow Balm all day, every day. At this point I try and keep one in every place I could possibly need one. At my desk, check. In my car, check. In my bag, check. I’ve always had dry skin, so Peptide Glow Balm is my life saver. 


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